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Area Code 712 (Iowa)
Phone Number City/State Directory
712-200Alta, IowaView
712-202Sioux City, IowaView
712-203Sioux City, IowaView
712-204Sioux City, IowaView
712-208Mapleton, IowaView
712-209Estherville, IowaView
712-210Carroll, IowaView
712-212Sioux City, IowaView
712-213Storm Lake, IowaView
712-215Shenandoah, IowaView
712-216Logan, IowaView
712-219Onawa, IowaView
712-220Carroll, IowaView
712-221Cherokee, IowaView
712-222Sioux City, IowaView
712-223Sioux City, IowaView
712-224Sioux City, IowaView
712-225Cherokee, IowaView
712-226Sioux City, IowaView
712-227Omaha, IowaView
712-228Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-229Cherokee, IowaView
712-230Hospers, IowaView
712-231Hospers, IowaView
712-232Spencer, IowaView
712-233Sioux City, IowaView
712-234Sioux City, IowaView
712-235Harlan, IowaView
712-236Harlan, IowaView
712-237Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-238Sioux City, IowaView
712-239Sioux City, IowaView
712-240Spencer, IowaView
712-242Omaha, IowaView
712-243Atlantic, IowaView
712-244Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-246Shenandoah, IowaView
712-247Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-248Omaha, IowaView
712-249Atlantic, IowaView
712-250Atlantic, IowaView
712-251Sioux City, IowaView
712-252Sioux City, IowaView
712-253Sioux City, IowaView
712-254Atlantic, IowaView
712-255Sioux City, IowaView
712-256Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-257Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-258Sioux City, IowaView
712-259Sioux City, IowaView
712-260Spencer, IowaView
712-261Cherokee, IowaView
712-262Spencer, IowaView
712-263Denison, IowaView
712-264Spencer, IowaView
712-265Denison, IowaView
712-266Sioux City, IowaView
712-267Denison, IowaView
712-268Exira, IowaView
712-269Denison, IowaView
712-270Spencer, IowaView
712-271Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-273Early, IowaView
712-274Sioux City, IowaView
712-275Schaller, IowaView
712-276Sioux City, IowaView
712-277Sioux City, IowaView
712-278Ireton, IowaView
712-279Sioux City, IowaView
712-281Sioux City, IowaView
712-282Galva, IowaView
712-283Sioux Rapids, IowaView
712-284Storm Lake, IowaView
712-285Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-287Hopkins, IowaView
712-291Storm Lake, IowaView
712-292Carroll, IowaView
712-293Sioux City, IowaView
712-294Sioux City, IowaView
712-298Emmetsburg, IowaView
712-299Storm Lake, IowaView
712-300Ida Grove, IowaView
712-301Sioux City, IowaView
712-302Glenwood, IowaView
712-303Clarinda, IowaView
712-304Exira, IowaView
712-305Le Mars, IowaView
712-308Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-309Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-310Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-313Sidney, IowaView
712-314Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-318Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-320Spirit Lake, IowaView
712-322Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-323Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-324Sheldon, IowaView
712-325Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-326Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-327Red Oak, IowaView
712-328Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-329Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-330Spirit Lake, IowaView
712-331Spirit Lake, IowaView
712-332Arnolds Park, IowaView
712-333Sioux City, IowaView
712-334Sioux Rapids, IowaView
712-335Pocahontas, IowaView
712-336Spirit Lake, IowaView
712-337Arnolds Park, IowaView
712-338Milford, IowaView
712-339Spirit Lake, IowaView
712-341Matlock, IowaView
712-342Correctionville, IowaView
712-344Sheldon, IowaView
712-346Sioux City, IowaView
712-347Omaha, IowaView
712-348Matlock, IowaView
712-350Hamburg, IowaView
712-351Havelock, IowaView
712-352Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-353Castana, IowaView
712-355Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-357Red Oak, IowaView
712-358Havelock, IowaView
712-359Palmer, IowaView
712-360Orange City, IowaView
712-362Estherville, IowaView
712-363Spencer, IowaView
712-364Ida Grove, IowaView
712-365Battle Creek, IowaView
712-366Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-367Arthur, IowaView
712-368Holstein, IowaView
712-369Ida Grove, IowaView
712-370Red Oak, IowaView
712-371Ida Grove, IowaView
712-372Correctionville, IowaView
712-373Anthon, IowaView
712-374Sidney, IowaView
712-375Pierson, IowaView
712-376Marcus, IowaView
712-378Kingsley, IowaView
712-379Essex, IowaView
712-380Estherville, IowaView
712-382Hamburg, IowaView
712-384Cushing, IowaView
712-385Farragut, IowaView
712-386Imogene, IowaView
712-388Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-389Sioux City, IowaView
712-390Sioux Rapids, IowaView
712-392Estherville, IowaView
712-393Denison, IowaView
712-395Orange City, IowaView
712-396Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-400Rock Rapids, IowaView
712-404Harlan, IowaView
712-415Emmetsburg, IowaView
712-420Onawa, IowaView
712-421Sloan, IowaView
712-422Hawarden, IowaView
712-423Onawa, IowaView
712-426Ayrshire, IowaView
712-427Bedford, IowaView
712-428Sloan, IowaView
712-431Onawa, IowaView
712-432Lake Park, IowaView
712-433Onawa, IowaView
712-434Aurelia, IowaView
712-435Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-436Cleghorn, IowaView
712-437Larrabee, IowaView
712-438Clarinda, IowaView
712-439Hull, IowaView
712-441Sioux Center, IowaView
712-443Meriden, IowaView
712-444Sioux City, IowaView
712-445Quimby, IowaView
712-446Sutherland, IowaView
712-447Washta, IowaView
712-449Sioux Center, IowaView
712-450Laurens, IowaView
712-451Rock Valley, IowaView
712-453Essex, IowaView
712-454Sioux City, IowaView
712-455Whiting, IowaView
712-458Whiting, IowaView
712-460Rock Valley, IowaView
712-461Sibley, IowaView
712-463Sioux Center, IowaView
712-470Rock Valley, IowaView
712-472Rock Rapids, IowaView
712-473Alvord, IowaView
712-475George, IowaView
712-476Rock Valley, IowaView
712-477Larchwood, IowaView
712-478Lester, IowaView
712-479Little Rock, IowaView
712-480Emmetsburg, IowaView
712-482Oakland, IowaView
712-484Carson, IowaView
712-485Neola, IowaView
712-486Macedonia, IowaView
712-487Treynor, IowaView
712-490Sioux City, IowaView
712-500Le Mars, IowaView
712-501Le Mars, IowaView
712-520Glenwood, IowaView
712-522Sioux City, IowaView
712-523Bedford, IowaView
712-525Glenwood, IowaView
712-526Glenwood, IowaView
712-527Glenwood, IowaView
712-533Brunsville, IowaView
712-534Northboro, IowaView
712-539Le Mars, IowaView
712-540Le Mars, IowaView
712-541Le Mars, IowaView
712-542Clarinda, IowaView
712-546Le Mars, IowaView
712-548Le Mars, IowaView
712-549Brayton, IowaView
712-550Hawarden, IowaView
712-551Hawarden, IowaView
712-552Hawarden, IowaView
712-560Sioux City, IowaView
712-562Struble, IowaView
712-566Underwood, IowaView
712-567Maurice, IowaView
712-568Akron, IowaView
712-571Omaha, IowaView
712-574Sioux City, IowaView
712-577Sioux City, IowaView
712-578Hull, IowaView
712-579Omaha, IowaView
712-580Spencer, IowaView
712-581Omaha, IowaView
712-583Coin, IowaView
712-584Kansas City, IowaView
712-585New Market, IowaView
712-586Bethesda, IowaView
712-587Sioux City, IowaView
712-590Massena, IowaView
712-592Omaha, IowaView
712-600Missouri Valley, IowaView
712-607Harlan, IowaView
712-621Red Oak, IowaView
712-622Pacific Junction, IowaView
712-623Red Oak, IowaView
712-624Malvern, IowaView
712-627Westphalia, IowaView
712-630Sanborn, IowaView
712-631Sheldon, IowaView
712-635Sioux City, IowaView
712-636Nemaha, IowaView
712-642Missouri Valley, IowaView
712-644Logan, IowaView
712-650Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-652Scranton, IowaView
712-654Manilla, IowaView
712-655Manning, IowaView
712-660Early, IowaView
712-661Early, IowaView
712-662Sac City, IowaView
712-663Westside, IowaView
712-664Wall Lake, IowaView
712-668Odebolt, IowaView
712-669Templeton, IowaView
712-673Breda, IowaView
712-674Dow City, IowaView
712-675Kiron, IowaView
712-678Charter Oak, IowaView
712-682Bigelow, IowaView
712-689Arcadia, IowaView
712-693Kansas City, IowaView
712-707Orange City, IowaView
712-720Sibley, IowaView
712-722Sioux Center, IowaView
712-723Archer, IowaView
712-724Ashton, IowaView
712-725Boyden, IowaView
712-726Doon, IowaView
712-727Granville, IowaView
712-729Sanborn, IowaView
712-730Storm Lake, IowaView
712-732Storm Lake, IowaView
712-733Harlan, IowaView
712-737Orange City, IowaView
712-738Matlock, IowaView
712-739Doon, IowaView
712-741Hancock, IowaView
712-744Harlan, IowaView
712-746Harrisburg, IowaView
712-747Earling, IowaView
712-748Defiance, IowaView
712-749Storm Lake, IowaView
712-750Sibley, IowaView
712-752Hospers, IowaView
712-753Inwood, IowaView
712-754Sibley, IowaView
712-756Alton, IowaView
712-759Spirit Lake, IowaView
712-762Anita, IowaView
712-763Grant, IowaView
712-764Elk Horn, IowaView
712-766Kirkman, IowaView
712-767Elliott, IowaView
712-769Lewis, IowaView
712-773Kimballton, IowaView
712-774Cumberland, IowaView
712-775Carroll, IowaView
712-776Havelock, IowaView
712-777Valley Springs, IowaView
712-778Griswold, IowaView
712-779Massena, IowaView
712-781Marne, IowaView
712-782Irwin, IowaView
712-783Wiota, IowaView
712-784Walnut, IowaView
712-785Nodaway, IowaView
712-786Remsen, IowaView
712-789Griswold, IowaView
712-790Carroll, IowaView
712-792Carroll, IowaView
712-794Carroll, IowaView
712-797Cedar Rapids, IowaView
712-799Jacksonville, IowaView
712-800Omaha, IowaView
712-821Spirit Lake, IowaView
712-822Lidderdale, IowaView
712-823Sioux City, IowaView
712-824Emerson, IowaView
712-825Henderson, IowaView
712-826Villisca, IowaView
712-827Oto, IowaView
712-828Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-829Stanton, IowaView
712-830Carroll, IowaView
712-832Lake Park, IowaView
712-834Everly, IowaView
712-835Ayrshire, IowaView
712-836Dickens, IowaView
712-837Ruthven, IowaView
712-838Webb, IowaView
712-840Mapleton, IowaView
712-841Laurens, IowaView
712-845Laurens, IowaView
712-847Omaha, IowaView
712-850Clarinda, IowaView
712-851Steen, IowaView
712-852Emmetsburg, IowaView
712-853Terril, IowaView
712-854Denison, IowaView
712-855Curlew, IowaView
712-857Plover, IowaView
712-858Superior, IowaView
712-859Graettinger, IowaView
712-866Ringsted, IowaView
712-867Wallingford, IowaView
712-868Armstrong, IowaView
712-869Matlock, IowaView
712-870Sioux City, IowaView
712-873Moville, IowaView
712-874Hornick, IowaView
712-876Climbing Hill, IowaView
712-880Mapleton, IowaView
712-881Mapleton, IowaView
712-882Mapleton, IowaView
712-883Danbury, IowaView
712-884Soldier, IowaView
712-886Moorhead, IowaView
712-887Sioux City, IowaView
712-889Smithland, IowaView
712-890Council Bluffs, IowaView
712-893Danbury, IowaView
712-898Sioux City, IowaView
712-899Sioux City, IowaView
712-904Akron, IowaView
712-922Emmetsburg, IowaView
712-923Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-924Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-928Hartley, IowaView
712-930Sanborn, IowaView
712-933Royal, IowaView
712-934Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-938Merrill, IowaView
712-939Villisca, IowaView
712-942Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-943Sergeant Bluff, IowaView
712-944Lawton, IowaView
712-946Salix, IowaView
712-947Hinton, IowaView
712-948Bronson, IowaView
712-949Hartley, IowaView
712-957Hartley, IowaView
712-963Ellsworth, IowaView
712-964Hills, IowaView
712-973Omaha, IowaView
712-975Schaller, IowaView
712-982Hudson, IowaView
712-986Canton, IowaView
712-999Sergeant Bluff, IowaView